The Great Reset is a proposal by the World Economic Forum (WEF) to rebuild the economy sustainably following the COVID-19 pandemic. It was unveiled in May 2020 by the United Kingdom’s Prince Charles and WEF director Klaus Schwab. The Great Reset has been criticized for using the pandemic to implement a risky experiment.

The proposed Great Reset is a currency reset. The reset is for the global financial system to max out. That can happen in many different ways, depending on what the current currency system looks like. Once we hit too much debt, the world’s leaders turn to a currency reset of the system.

Some individuals who think for themselves consider the possibility that the mainstream media is actively promoting citizens to follow professed authorities blindly. Many of the suggestions overstep civil liberties, but the average American is oblivious.

Some believe the Great reset is a baseless conspiracy theory. Others think the claims are valid.

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