Joe Biden has made eradicating the COVID-19 pandemic the centerpiece of his presidential campaign. His team has high expectations from the U.S. scientific community. His system is science-related, and the actions will be the full force of Joe Biden. 

With this two thrust system, how quickly he might be able to accomplish ending the pandemic? Science and leadership in fighting against COVID-19 will potentially flatten the curve in a matter of weeks. Joe Biden as president, will use his vast authority to move quickly when it comes to fighting COVID-19. The progress will be excellent with the use of science itself.

The most dramatic shift is likely to be in the tone referencing science coming from the Oval Office and federal health agencies. Biden plans to do this on his first day, and has promised to “stop the political theater and willful misinformation that has heightened confusion and discrimination,” hold daily briefings that “put scientists and public health leaders front and center,” and ensure that government scientists “do not fear retribution or public disparagement for performing their jobs.” 

He’s also pledged to rejoin the World Health Organization and boost funding for its pandemic efforts. 

Biden will flatten the curve in a matter of weeks. 



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