Donald Trump yet again set Twitter on fire early Sunday morning. Trump, who is known for his controversial tweets, again used a GIF to take aim at one of his political opponents. While liberal commentators on Twitter are using Trump’s latest retweet as fuel for a push to declare the president unfit, many think that the president is weaponizing GIFs.

Incase You Missed It

@fuctupmind tweeted a GIF Friday, September 13th. The GIF depicted a video of the President striking a golf ball into the back of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. The tweet was captioned, “Donald Trump’s amazing golf swing #CrookedHillary”. The account handle goes by “CNN Sucks”.

The Reaction

Before the sun came up in Washington D.C. Sunday, Trump’s latest retweet captured the front page of Known as a great counter puncher, Trump’s latest tweet could possibly be a reaction to Clinton’s recent book release, but perhaps it is much more than that.

Weaponization of GIFs

This latest Twitter assault on Mrs. Clinton and CNN is not Trump’s first. He drew criticism for using a GIF made by a Reddit user who portrayed Trump handing CNN a WWE style beat down. CNN was reported to have blackmailed the Reddit user into ceasing the creation of GIFs that displayed the company in a negative light. CNN received negative PR as a result of the incident as well as a barrage of memes from conservative protesters. Many think this was all apart of Trump’s plan to delegitimize the network.

Could Trump be baiting Hillary Clinton or CNN into another trap? For now only time will tell. Chances are there is more to Trump’s retweet than 4:00 AM boredom. For as long as people continue to underestimate the effectiveness of the account @realDonaldTrump, the President will continue to have free reign using the internet.



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