• Are we living in a matrix?
    Last year, 2020, was a very odd year. It seemed like everything that happened came at us at an unbelievable level. This odd year has raised the question,” are we […]
  • Google & Apple are “Not” deleting negative Robinhood Reviews
    Google is “not” actively removing negative reviews of the Robinhood app from the Google Play Store. Robinhood is a standup company, and its actions were “not” morally flawed by locking […]
  • Robinhood might be in deep.
    Rumors are coming out about what happened today. The events sound fishy. Employees at Robinhood are saying the company CEO was receiving calls from the White House pressuring them to […]
  • Market manipulation coming from brokerages and firms against “meme” stocks
    On the morning of January 28th, calculated market manipulation has taken place. Brokerages, Hedge funds, and private equity firms have played their hands in manipulation. The most obvious is the […]
  • Reddit Users are Raping Melvin Capital
    Retail investors who gather on r/wallstreetbets Reddit forum have been financially raping and pillaging hedge fund firm Melvin Capital. The stock GME has made significant moves that have occurred in […]
  • Watchdogs are very troubled with big tech and its censorship protocol
    Watchdogs are very troubled with big tech and its censorship protocol. Amazon swiftly took Parler off its hosting service, Twitter and Facebook have removed the President of the United States […]
  • Do we see threats to free speech, or are these companies protecting us?
    Twitter has removed the following accounts: Michael Flynn Sidney Powell President Donald Trump The platforms claimed these individuals are breaking the rules. Google Play has booted Parler a free speech […]
  • The Tesla Cybertruck
    The Tesla Cybertruck is an all-electric, battery-powered, light-duty truck announced by Tesla, Inc. Three models have been announced, with EPA range estimates of 250–500 miles (400–800 km) and an estimated […]
  • COVID-19 era and Automation
    In the COVID-19 era, the use of mostly automatic equipment and systems has become a must. The need to automate all forms of business has arrived. COVID-19 has pushed the […]
  • Best Online Storage Drive
    Cloud storage allows you to store your files, documents, and other digital assets in an online location. This online location is called a cloud. Cloud storage is becoming very popular […]
  • China and the social credit system
    The Black Mirror episode about social credit is coming to life in China. The Chinees government is allowing data gathering and has given licenses to eight private companies to develop […]
  • Selfie-Esteem
    By Andy Dichutt Is Social Media Addictive? Social Media is the drug of choice these days for many Americans. Just like other drugs, it comes with its share of negative […]
  • Importance of RFID Technology
    Wallet choices used to be simple. You could get a bifold, a trifold, or a clutch. More pockets, fewer pockets; leather or synthetic. Flip through Sky Mall on your next […]

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