• Uneducated Investors are Losing Everything in Crypto
    The Cryptocurrency market is very volatile. Even more volatile when Elon Musk tweets. Many amateur crypto investors don’t have much and put everything into Crypto. These investors are all in. […]
  • Can I Create My Own Cryptocurrency?
    By Bill Rokh For you to be in a position to make your own cryptocurrency, here are some of the things for you to follow. Build A Blockchain The first step […]
  • Top Stock Picks This Month
    This week’s picks are Nokia (NOK) and Nio (NIO). Nokia (NOK) Nokia is currently sitting at $4.04 as of today. This price point makes the stock a no-brainer. Nokia (NOK) […]
  • Robinhood might be in deep.
    Rumors are coming out about what happened today. The events sound fishy. Employees at Robinhood are saying the company CEO was receiving calls from the White House pressuring them to […]
  • Market manipulation coming from brokerages and firms against “meme” stocks
    On the morning of January 28th, calculated market manipulation has taken place. Brokerages, Hedge funds, and private equity firms have played their hands in manipulation. The most obvious is the […]
  • Jack Ma is Missing
    Jack Ma, the co-founder and former executive chairman of Alibaba Group, is missing. The last time anyone heard from him was a tweet on October 10th. Ma is a strong […]

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