• Female Teachers who engaged in illegal sex
    These female teachers engaged sexually with students. They were young and impressionable, but it is sad to see that they made terrible decisions. One thing to be said is these […]
  • Is Hunter Biden the next Vincent van Gogh?
    Picasso, van Gogh, and Hunter Biden share the same passion for painting. Their styles are entirely different, but their work sells like hotcakes because they’re on such an elite level […]
  • How to turn your PS4 to a PS5
    Interested in upgrading to the PS5 but don’t want to lose your current games? You can turn your PlayStation 4 into a PS5! All you need is an HDMI converter, […]
  • Donald Trump Burning the Midnight Oil
    Here are the states that joined in an election lawsuit to invalidate WI, MI, PA, and GA results. Donald Trump went on a heavy tweet tirade on the 9th of […]
  • Happy St Nicholas Day!
    December 6th is Saint Nicholas Day. Also known as the Feast of Saint Nicholas. The tradition is placing shoes by the entrance of your home before bedtime. Historically when you […]
  • Censoring Entertainment and Propaganda
    Is there a need for Entertainment censoring? It seems like every five minutes; you hear beeps, blurs, or modifications in our entertainment. Censoring interferes with the enjoyment of songs and […]
  • Are Ice Baths Good or Bad?
    What is the rage with ice baths? It thought that ice baths ease sore and aching muscles. In fact, the most significant benefit of ice baths is that they make […]
  • NASCAR Truck Throwback to 1998 Craftsman Truck Series
    Let’s go retro and revisit 1998. Check out NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series (now the Gander RV & Outdoors Truck Series). Driver Rob Rizzo, #98 /#27 Ford F-150 sponsored by Hastings Filters.  […]
  • Congratulations Podcast with Chris D’Elia
    Looking for funny podcasts or YouTube content to watch during quarantine? Check out Congratulations Podcast with Chris D’Elia. The wild content may or may not be for you, but if […]
  • Check out the ARO Legends Car!
    ARO is sponsoring an iRacing Legends racecar. The ARO car participates in the Advanced Rookie Legends Cup. Legends cars are powerful and light and challenge driving abilities. This series races […]
  • 2020 NCAA Heisman Race
    The 2020 Heisman Race at this point is too close to call. In the past, by mid-November, a clear front runner has emerged, but not this year. This year the […]
  • NFL expansion team back to Oakland?
    A group of businessmen and investors announced Friday that they have made a $92.5 million bid to purchase the city of Oakland’s stake in the Oakland Coliseum site. The goal […]
  • Chicago Black Hawks Jersey Concept
    We love these NHL jersey concepts so much we decided to post another one. The Chicago Black Hawks jersey is a classic and possibly the best in the NHL. However, […]
  • Nashville Predators Jersey Concept
    This time of year, hockey should be on TV and a Friday night in Nashville in November usually includes a Preds game. To pay homage and get a little hockey […]
  • States Kanye West Got Votes In
    On election night Kanye Received over 60,500 votes. Votes came from Arkansas, Colorado, Idaho, Iowa, Kentucky, Minnesota, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Utah and Vermont.  6,052 views
  • Trump is looking into building a digital media empire
    Trump is looking into building a digital media empire. If/ when he is out of office, the marketing genius could create a new conservative content outlet. The groundwork could already […]
  • NHL Electoral Conference Map
    Since its election season, we thought it would be fun to see how NHL division alignment would look if split up by RED and BLUE States. (Map based on 2020 […]
  • Do you want your name on a racecar?
    Ever wonder what it would be like to sponsor a race team? Now is your chance! Get your logo, name, or brand on a racecar! HPC will put your logo […]
  • Does America believe USA Today is a reliable, unbiased news source?
    Does America believe USA Today is a reliable, unbiased news source? In today’s “fake news era” it’s difficult to determine what news sources are biased. Today’s focus is on USA […]
    Once, children before marriage were often condemned by society. After all, many believed that marriage is the first step in creating a family. However, time passes and everything changes. So, some couples adhere […]

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