• Beautiful Views
    The news can get depressing. Nevertheless, these amazing photos should make your day better: Adirondacks, NY Colorado, Mt Evans Mt Rainier Ship Rock, NM Credit to the amazing Reddit posts. […]
  • Broncos use a WR as QB
    The Denver Broncos ended up using a WR as QB for week 12 against the Saints. The Broncos, four quarterbacks, were not eligible to play due to coronavirus protocol. This […]
  • States Kanye West Got Votes In
    On election night Kanye Received over 60,500 votes. Votes came from Arkansas, Colorado, Idaho, Iowa, Kentucky, Minnesota, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Utah and Vermont.  9,228 views
  • Top Pizza Spots in Denver, CO
    This is a list of the top pizza spots in Denver Colorado. According to sentiment analysis, here is the list of the top 10: Company Locations Contact Delivery Beau Jo’s […]
  • Politics and Sports BIG 10 and Pac 12 Decisions
    If you happen to be a fan of a football team in a conference with a team in California or Illinois, your season is canceled or postponed. The Big Ten […]
  • Top 15 Tallest Mountains in the USA
    (Rank) (Name) (Elevation) (Coordinates) 1 Denali – Alaska 20,310 ft 63.0690°N 151.0063°W 2 Mount Saint Elias – Alaska – 18,009 ft 60.2927°N 140.9307°W 3 Mount Foraker – Alaska – 17,400 […]

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