by Chet Longeval

Ja Morant’s Reckless Behavior: The Consequences of Flashing Guns on Social Media

Ja Morant is a rising star in the NBA and a key player for the Memphis Grizzlies. He was the second overall pick in the 2019 NBA draft and has quickly established himself as one of the league’s most exciting young talents. This guy is ridiculously talented. He is clearly the best player on the court, night in and night out. However, he has recently found himself in the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

In March this year, Morant posted a video on social media that showed him flashing a gun at a Denver nightclub. The video quickly went viral, and Morant was heavily criticized for his actions. He later apologized for the incident, saying that he made a “dumb decision” and that he had learned from his mistake.

Unfortunately, it appears that Morant did not learn his lesson. This misstep is so ridiculous it has to be asked, “Is he retarded?” It was only a few weeks ago he messed up. Is he mentally disabled, and can he make decisions? Is his father retarded? Is his crew retarded? How did no one stop him? Why was this behavior on live again? Seriously, he once again flashed a gun on a livestream social media video. This isn’t a joke, and you can’t make this stuff up. How are his father and his crew letting him do this? They are going to be broke now.

It is unclear why Morant would make such a foolish decision, especially after the backlash he received for his previous incident. It is possible that he was trying to project a certain image or impress his friends, but whatever his motivations were, his actions are likely to have serious consequences. When he is out of the NBA, I guess he kept it real.

First and foremost, Morant’s behavior is highly irresponsible and dangerous. Guns should never be treated as toys or props, and there is no excuse for brandishing them in public. Morant’s actions could have easily led to someone being injured or killed, and it is fortunate that no harm came of his recent incident.

In addition to the potential physical harm, Morant’s behavior also has legal and financial implications. It’s clear he has no understanding of firearms. Depending on the circumstances of his actions, he could be facing criminal charges for weapons offenses. Even if he avoids legal trouble, his actions could still have a negative impact on his career and his earnings potential.

Professional athletes are role models and ambassadors for their teams and leagues, and they are expected to conduct themselves in a responsible and respectful manner both on and off the court. This should be a no-brainer, but this is the second time this has happened. Now, it is logical to question his and his crew’s intelligence. Morant’s recent behavior falls far short of expectations, and it will most likely have serious consequences for his reputation and his career.

The NBA has strict rules regarding player conduct, and players can be fined or suspended for engaging in behavior that reflects poorly on the league. Not only is the NBAs reflection being damaged, but the NBA is as woke as it gets. Firearms and the second amendment are not something the NBA supports. Morant will most likely be done playing basketball. The question is if this will be for the rest of his life or not. This will 100% impact his ability to earn endorsements and other outside income.

Ja Morant is an awesome basketball player, but his recent behavior is deeply concerning and will most likely have serious consequences. While we cannot speculate on his motivations or thought process, it is clear that his actions were highly irresponsible and dangerous. This is the second time, and it is beyond idiotic. Hopefully, Morant will learn from his mistakes and take steps to prevent similar incidents in the future. As a high-profile athlete and public figure, he has a responsibility to set a positive example for his fans and fellow players, and his recent behavior falls far short of that standard.



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