What is the Biden Administration Doing in Ukraine?

The Biden administration announced that it was sending $50 billion in aid to Ukraine. This news came as a shock to many Americans who are struggling financially due to inflation. Why would the US government be providing such a large sum of money to a country halfway around the world when so many Americans are in need? Let’s take a closer look at what is going on with this situation and what it could mean for the future of US-Ukrainian relations.

What is Going On?

The Biden administration has stated that it is sending $50 billion in aid to Ukraine in order to bolster the country in the war. After the decision video of Volodymyr Zelenskyy walking with Biden like a mob boss. The Biden administration has also announced plans for increased assistance, and equipment, as well as support for Ukrainian forces fighting against Russia.

It’s important to note that this situation is bazar; foreign aid has been given by the US government since World War II, often with mixed results. However, in this case Americans are concerned about how this money will actually benefit Ukrainians rather than simply lining the pockets of corrupt officials or being squandered by mismanagement.

Another factor at play here is politics. President Biden’s predecessor, Donald Trump, had attempted to leverage military aid to force corruption investigations into Hunter Biden and Joe Biden’s son-in-law (who were working on business deals with Ukrainian companies). The current administration has pushed back against these actions, instead attempting to improve ties between the two countries through diplomacy rather than threats or coercion.

It remains to be seen whether or not this $50 billion will have any lasting impact on either Ukrainian economy or security—or if it will simply line the pockets of corrupt officials—but one thing is certain: this situation could have serious implications for US foreign policy going forward. It’s clear that President Biden wants to improve relations with Ukraine, but doing so without compromising American interests will require deft maneuvering and careful consideration of both political and economic factors at play. Ultimately, only time will tell if this investment is worth its cost. Nonetheless, it’s important for all Americans to stay informed about what’s happening in Washington, DC regarding our relationship with Ukraine so that we can make informed decisions when casting our ballots to come election day.



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