Does Fetterman have the mental capability to serve the public?

Fetterman’s Stroke Puts Disabilities in the Spotlight

Pennsylvania Senate candidate John Fetterman’s recent stroke has called into question his mental abilities and whether or not he is fit to serve. The situation has also put the spotlight on President Joe Biden, who has shown signs of mental disability on multiple occasions. The question now is, do Pennsylvanians feel comfortable having a potentially mentally disabled government official?

Fetterman’s Stroke and Its Implications
Fetterman suffered a minor stroke and was discharged from the hospital. According to his doctors, there is no reason to believe that the stroke will have any effect on his ability to serve. To note, there are visible signs of issues, especially when speaking. The right media has been quick to point out that Fetterman did show some signs of mental impairment during his recovery. For example, he was confused about what day it was and struggled to remember the names of his doctors.

This situation has brought up a larger conversation about what counts as a disability and who is qualified to serve. Many people argue that Fetterman’s stroke should disqualify him from being a senator because it could potentially affect his ability to make decisions. Others are saying that this is an unreasonable standard to hold him to because many other government officials have disabilities that are just as bad, if not worse. Others are saying that our world is turning into Idiocracy!

The Debate Over Mental Disabilities and Government Officials
This debate is not new; it has been brewing ever since President Joe Biden took office. Since taking office, Biden has made several gaffes that have led people to question his mental state. For example, he once referred to himself as “President Trump,” and he has also mistakenly called Vice President Kamala Harris “President Harris.” These slip-ups have led some people to argue that Biden is too mentally impaired to serve as president and that he should be removed from office.

However, others are quick to point out that Biden is not the only government official with a disability. In fact, there are many government officials who have far worse disabilities than Biden does, yet they are still able to serve effectively. Therefore, they argue, it would be wrong to remove Biden from office solely because of his mental state.

So what is next? Will John Fetterman or Joe Biden be able to function effectively? It’s a complex issue with no easy answer. Ultimately, it will be up to the people to decide whether or not they are comfortable having politicians with mental disabilities.



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