There is much debate on what riot was worse, the Capital Riot or the BLM Riots. Both riots were unique because they unfolded differently. For one thing, the Jan 6th rioters went into government property, whereas the BLM protesters mostly damaged private property. The January 6th rioters were contesting a democratic election, whereas the BLM protesters were protesting police brutality and racial inequality.

The January 6th Riot and the BLM Riots share some striking similarities. Both started out as protests against what the protesters saw as an injustice, but both quickly escalated into violence. In both cases, the worst elements of the group became the focal point, and the original message got lost. As a result, both groups of protesters ended up alienating potential sympathizers and achieving the opposite of their desired effect. If either group had been able to maintain a peaceful and focused protest, they might have been able to achieve their goals. Instead, they allowed themselves to be hijacked by extremists, with disastrous results.

The January 6th rioters caused millions of dollars in damage to government property, whereas the BLM protesters caused billions in damages with fire and destruction. Furthermore, both riots had casualties; people were killed. Both riots were coordinated efforts by well-funded extremist groups that led to the spontaneous uprising. While it is true that both groups caused property damage, it is important to remember that the context of each situation must be taken into account. As a result, any comparison between the two groups is inherently flawed.

On January 6th, a group of trespassers stormed the U.S. Capitol. The repercussions of this event were swift and severe. Hundreds of people have been arrested, and dozens more are facing federal charges. In contrast, the riots that erupted last summer in response to the death of George Floyd resulted in far fewer arrests and prosecutions. This disparity has led many to question whether the law is being applied equally to all Americans. Some have suggested that the different responses are due to the fact that the January 6th rioters messed with government officials. In contrast, the BLM protesters were involved with civilians of lower status. Others have argued that the violence committed by the trespassers was far greater than anything that occurred during last summer’s protests.

Whatever the reason, it is clear that there are two different standards for justice in America, and only time will tell if this double standard will continue.



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