Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has tested positive for the coronavirus and is fully vaccinated, yet he still got COVID-19. He says that because of this illness, people should stay home from work or school as much they can until their symptoms go away, which could take a few weeks. Justin says he will be working from his vacation home.

Justin Trudeau’s unfortunate illness during the Freedom Convoy has caused some to question whether this will be convenient or helpful for him. It is currently known that his health situation may impact the Freedom movement. Regardless of the effect, everyone hopes Justin quickly bounces back from this illness.

Justin Trudeau’s vacation home in Tofino has been named as the location where he will be able to recover from COVID-19. The optics of this escape have some critics taking aim at him, calling him a coward and gutless for not addressing concerns raised by protesters in Ottawa.

Many Canadians think Justin Trudeau turned tail immediately after news broke of the Convoy. Maybe the vacation is a blessing, away from the population, the Prime Minister can quarantine away from people. Possible COVID cases are popping up across Canada, with symptoms matching those reported earlier down south.

Justin Trudeau has voiced his anger over the protest and has called anti-vaccine truckers racist and full of hate and division. The message was clear: Justin Trudeau wants the Freedom Convoy participants to know that they are pissing on veteran graves with this rubbish. No matter where you come from, if you are protesting freedom, just know Justin Trudeau wants nothing to do with it.



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