Joe Biden may be the worst president in American history. His first term has been nothing less of a disaster. The economy is in shambles, and Americans are worse off than before. And Biden plans to make it worse. He has opened the borders, plans to raise taxes, and is weak on foreign policy.

He has been more concerned with social justice than protecting Americans. Afghanistan is one example of how gross incompetence. The only semi-successful strategy the Biden Administration implements are covering up mistakes.

Joe Biden is making former president George W Bush look like a genius at this pace. Bush and Biden have a few similarities. Like Biden, Bush messed up foreign affairs and was in office for a significant economic crisis.

George W Bush also had his crowning moments like 9-11 and the stock market crash. What will Joe Biden’s crowning moments be?

Joe Biden’s economic policies are disastrous for America. He believes that the government should control what you eat and drink, where your kids go to school, or if they can even leave home at all! Biden wants more control over Americans’ lives than any other president in history.

To make matters worse, Donald Trump was entirely right about what would happen if Biden was elected. Check out this video and see how many things he was right about:

Joe Biden has done more damage in the first year of his presidency than any other president. He has shown himself to be an incompetent leader, unfit for office. Americans need to demand better from our leaders-especially when it comes to matters of national security and economic policy.

Joe Biden



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