Donald Trump has been quiet. Many believe it’s because he has been banned from social media. However, another theory is getting some light. This has been calculated since Trump’s first term. The Trump team had an idea that the 2020 election could manifest the way it did. Not only was this anticipated, but there has been a strategy in place.

When you thought it was safe to go back into the water, Trump emerges from his deep dive with a surprise that will make us all rethink what’s possible in politics. Some leaks/ rumors have come out that the last two years have been calculated like a house of cards.

The entire last two years have been orchestrated from both sides. Joe Biden’s policies have been an overreaction to a planned campaign. With his Plan for America, Donald Trump shows the Democrats that he has been paying attention. His policies are more successful than theirs, and now they’re panicking because it’s all coming true in a way they could never have imagined before.

It will not be too long before the Trump campaign re-emerges. The Trump team will become more powerful and more influential than ever anticipated. Not only will he be at a new level of influence, but his base will have expanded beyond belief. Trump and his pundits will emerge with surprises that the opposition will not expect this time.



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