When you think of one-hit wonders, most people wouldn’t even think of the Island Boys. Thats because most one-hit wonders actually did something. For example, one-hit wonders produced a song or some sort of entertainment. But the Island Boys are different; they are a half-ass band that specializes in social media. But what makes them so different from their colleagues? Well, for starters, they only have millions of followers! They showed up in 2021, and compared to many other bands who had millions or even billions of followers, the island boys a complete caravan wreck.

The Island Boys are two animated characters that look like they could be in the movie Idiocracy. They speak with an ebonic dialect and enjoy making hip-hop appearances, especially by themselves.

Yet these two boys are getting national attention and doing interviews on social media big shots accounts.

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The island boys said they didnt want to have sex with Gabe so he started talking shit

♬ original sound – NELKBOYS



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