These female teachers engaged sexually with students. They were young and impressionable, but it is sad to see that they made terrible decisions. One thing to be said is these woman’s life choices ended up in disaster. The women who are high school or middle-school teachers could have had their pick of any man in town. Instead, they chose to have relationships with students.

These female teachers engaged in inappropriate behavior with students. Behavior ranges from nude texts to sexual misconduct. At the same time, these women were supposed to be authority figures and role models for these impressionable young kids. These students looked up to these teachers as if they were somebody worth following.

The news of these women’s crimes has been coming out more often than not. It has opened up many conversations about how much power abusers like themselves have over our society by making us feel ashamed or embarrassed when we speak out against them.

This is a question that has been raised in recent years. Why would any woman have sex with their student? Is it because they are broken before entering the teaching profession, or does this happen for other reasons altogether?

The debate over whether female teachers rape students heated up after an article was published about “maintaining power.” Researchers found there were high incidences where females involved committed suicide two months following sexual contact leading many people to believe these women felt remorseful afterward.

None could explain how come some still continued having relations when others didn’t follow suit despite being at fault.