Nashville’s hockey season is getting closer to opening night, but it looks like the Nashville Predators may be in for some disappointing news. Season ticket holders have been ditching packages left and right lately. This decrease is significantly higher than usual. The once-hot ticket item is now losing its luster.

The culprit, Bridgestone Arena to require COVID-19 vaccine or negative COVID test at events. This new policy is pushing fans away.

Some Nashville Predators’ fans say they will boycott games at Bridgestone arena until the COVID-19 protocols are gone. A recent ARO survey found 6 out 10 hockey fans won’t attend a game at Bridgestone Arena due to the new protocol.

Some worry this if this policy pushes away the diehard Predators fans, the city could risk losing its team as it did 15 years ago. Not long ago, Nashville was at threat of losing the franchise due to lack of interest. Could this problem reemerge if the fan base is diluted for a long period of time? 

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