Scott Frost has wholly failed. Nebraska is considered a losing football team, and winning traditions are now at stake. Scott frost has turned the Nebraska Cornhusker Black Shirts into a Participation Award. The once coveted badge of honor is now a mockery. He has watered down the rich winning tradition of the black shirts defense into a 0-4 embarrassment.

The history of the Black Shirts is one of the best-known traditions for the Nebraska Cornhuskers. The Black Shirts became the nickname that came with a sense of pride for the Huskers’ defensive unit. The nickname came from Bob Devaney because of the black scrimmage vests the players would wear practice.

This shirt evolved into one of the nation’s fiercest defenses in the 90s, with national championship clout to show for the dominating defensive core. Players would earn the “Black Shirt” for high-level play. With undefeated seasons and national championships, earning a Black Shirt was a pinnacle of honors.

Years down the road to the Scott Frost era, the bar has been set lower. The team in the last three years has posted a 10-17 record. This .370 winning percentage by 90s standards would not warrant any black shirts. Nevertheless, the new Huskers and Scott Frost are all about youtube hype videos and preseason rankings. (The huskers started 2019 ranked 24th)


This low bar means Black Shirts can be handed out like participation awards. Until the Black Shirts start being taken seriously, Husker fans can expect big talk but no action.

Husker Black Shirts Low Bar

Black Jersey Outings:

2013vs UCLA21-41 L
2015vs Northwestern28-30 L
2019vs Indiana31-38 L
2020*vs Illinois41-23 L
winless in black



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