The top four in the Big Ten will be Michigan, Ohio State, Iowa, and Northwestern.

As it is probably no surprise, Michigan will continue to make its run at a national championship. In the East, the Wolverines will get close to perfection in 2019. This result is especially realistic with Jim Harbaugh in and Urban Meyer out. Ohio State will most likely be a two-loss team due to active recruiting.

In the West, many predict Nebraska to win. However, before becoming a healthy horse, we predict they will see another rebuilding year before any stronghold begins. Iowa will take the West crown and lead with a four-loss season. Northwestern will turn heads giving Iowa a run for their money.


Big Ten East Prediction:

1. Michigan

2. Ohio State

3. Michigan State

4. Penn State

5. Indiana

6. Rutgers

7. Maryland



Big Ten West Prediction:

1. Iowa

2. Northwestern

3. Wisconsin

4. Nebraska

5. Purdue

6. Minnesota

7. Illinois