It's the 9th inning of the MLB playoffs in game 5, the Los Angles Dodgers acted as if they won the game. Dodgers catcher Will Smith hit a long shot to deep right field. The entire stadium was on its feet, and everyone thought the game was over.

However, Adam Eaton of the Washington nationals had a different idea with a warning track catch. The game stayed tied, and the Nationals eventually won the game 7-3 in the 10th inning.

1 Clemson 4-0
2 Alabama 4-0
3 Georgia 4-0
4 LSU 4-0
5 Ohio State 4-0
6 Oklahoma 3-0
7 Auburn 4-0
8 Wisconsin 3-0
9 Florida 4-0
10 Notre Dame 2-1
11 Penn State 3-0
12 Texas 3-1
13 Oregon 3-1
14 Iowa 3-0
15 California 4-0
16 Boise State 4-0
17 Washington 3-1
18 Virginia 4-0
19 Utah 3-1
20 Michigan 2-1
21 Southern Cal 3-1
22 Kansas State 3-0
23 Texas A&M 2-2
24 Michigan State 3-1
25 UCF 3-1

Wyoming is known for developing quarterbacks, the most recent stand out is Josh Allen the starting QB for the Buffalo Bills. Cowboys fans did not have to wait long for the next big name. The name is Sean Chambers, and he may be the next most exciting QB to watch. Fans may have missed out on Josh Allen due to the small market and non-power five conference status, but take note of this next guy.

Last season Chambers started his redshirt four games rushing for 329 yards and passing for 266. In his four games, he was 3-1 with three passing touchdowns. On the field, he poses a Michale Vick like threat with the ability to run or pass depending on how the play breaks down.

Chambers 2019 Stats: 

Vick Career Stats: 

If you compare and extrapolate the statistics between the two players, you may be able to draw a resemblance. It may be early to call it, but if you get a chance, watch this kid play. It is a heck of an opportunity to tell someone, "I told you so."

2019 Preseason NCAA Football Top 25

1. Alabama
2. Clemson
3. Georgia
4. Oklahoma
5. Ohio State
6. LSU
7. Michigan
8. Florida
9. Notre Dame
10. Texas
11. Oregon
12. Texas A&M
13. Washington
14. Utah
15. Penn State
16. Auburn
17. UCF
18. Michigan State
19. Wisconsin
20. Iowa
21. Syracuse
22. Washington State
23. Nebraska
24. Stanford
25. Wyoming

Michigan B10

The top four in the Big Ten will be Michigan, Ohio State, Iowa, and Northwestern.

As it is probably no surprise, Michigan will continue to make its run at a national championship. In the East, the Wolverines will get close to perfection in 2019. This result is especially realistic with Jim Harbaugh in and Urban Meyer out. Ohio State will most likely be a two-loss team due to active recruiting.

In the West, many predict Nebraska to win. However, before becoming a healthy horse, we predict they will see another rebuilding year before any stronghold begins. Iowa will take the West crown and lead with a four-loss season. Northwestern will turn heads giving Iowa a run for their money.


Big Ten East Prediction:

1. Michigan

2. Ohio State

3. Michigan State

4. Penn State

5. Indiana

6. Rutgers

7. Maryland



Big Ten West Prediction:

1. Iowa

2. Northwestern

3. Wisconsin

4. Nebraska

5. Purdue

6. Minnesota

7. Illinois