Caitlyn Jenner has made it mainstream to convert from male to female. Modern medical advances have brought us a long way, and the new possibilities are almost endless. Advanced sex hormone therapy, vaginoplasty surgery, and facial feminization surgery can make a male almost unmistakably female.  Additionally, cosmetic surgeries can substantially modify a body to match the desired gender accurately.

Parents are now pushing children to start treatments at early stages in life. Researchers currently do not know where this body and hormonal modification fad will end up. Can this transformation culture lead the way to a sustainable and healthy learning and lifestyle?

Many postop women formally men claim they feel gender-congruent in their transformed bodies. They also claim they and to be able to participate in sexual activity with the newly assigned sexual organs. This ability can directly parallel an individuals ability to be comfortable or passionate in a relationship.

The extent of body modification and feminization now possible by early medical intervention. However, the question to ask is still "what is too far"?