ARO took a short phone opinion poll from voters in 5 of America's largest cities and concluded that African American voters believed Joe Biden was more racist than Donald Trump. The poll consisted of a majority of African American individuals from African American dominant areas. The polling cities included New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, and Phoenix. 


The video of his comments can be found here:


Additionally, the pool of voters agreed the comments were "condescending". 

It is no longer news that the baton of the United States leadership will be changed in no distant time and several distinguished candidates scrambling for momentum have been lined up to topple the incumbent Donald Trump in the 2020 Election. Prominent among the individuals that have thrown their hats in the ring include senators and other members of Congress as well as a high number of women. Thus, the question is: which of the Democrats will take on Donald Trump in 2020?

My choice of Democrat candidates nomination will be from a strategic perspective as well as results from several online polls. My top choices, among the over 20 contestants, are Former Vice President and Delaware Senator Joe Biden and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. They, undoubtedly, have an unparalleled level of widespread recognition in the field of politics, having contributed to the course of American citizens in one form or the other.

Despite Biden’s unsteadiness, he seems to have succeeded in wooing Americans as he has hinged his campaign on “a reboot from the Trump catastrophe.” He also boasts of incomparable foreign policy credentials. However, many critics believe his role in Anita Hill – Clarence Thomas sexual harassment case may make him struggle to win the ticket. Despite this, he still controls a fair percentage of Democratic primary voters and even African American voters, thereby giving him a sizable lead.

Bernie Sanders, on the other hand, has gained momentum in the hearts of American progressives through his peerless grassroots fundraising apparatus. He was instrumental to the $15 minimum wage and tuition-free college mainstreaming. His candidature is, of course, a threat to Biden’s as he continues to get a foothold of Iowa and New Hampshire. His challenge of Hillary Clinton in 2016 proved his strong predisposition towards his nomination. However, the interest of his former ally Elizabeth Warren threatens his emergence.

Verdict: Joe Biden

The First Family Reunites In Washington

Melania and Barron moved into the White House, after spending the last four and a half months in NYC. Surprisingly, the move is causing rumblings from ‘anit-Trump’, and others claiming to be apart of the ‘resistance’ movement. Following the election, the Trump family elected to keep Barron at his NYC school for the remainder of 5th grade..

Barron Trump White Supremacist?

One ‘anti-Trump’ activist, suggested that Barron Trump’s New Balance shoes were the symbol of ‘white supremacist’ connections. The activist, describes himself as a feminist and socialist, who is a vehement supporter of the resistance. Others have targeted Barron, claiming his ‘Richie Rich attitude’ will get him beat up at his new school.

Barron Grapples With Media?

Critics have suggested, Barron’s reaction to Kathy Griffin’s ISIS style, beheading was manufactured to ruin her ‘career’. Skeptics of Trump, suggested Barron didn’t witness the ISIS inspired beheading, because he was in school at the time.

However, the stunt was accessible through the internet. Many students and faculty witnessed the video after it went viral. Professionals within the teaching community suspect that would be a potentially ‘disruptive event’ at any school.

The First Son Making Enemies In Washington?

Democratic senator, Chuck Schumer, has suggested that security should be pulled for the 6th grader. Schumer claimed that the cost of protecting the 11-year old is a drain, and that Trump should pay for it.

By contrast, others have been coming to the defense of the President, citing that the cost of security should be assumed to be about ‘half’ of the cost of security during the Obama administration.

On Twitter, one man offered up an alternative explanation for Washington’s reaction to the Trumps. A South Carolina democrat, suggested that the FSOTUS was attempting to sabotage his father in the Russian investigation. Claiming that Barron’s intentions are to spark an impeachment proceeding, and ‘return to his old school in New York’.

Experts think drawing in peer attention by being unpredictable will increase his popularity at his new school. Donald Trump used a similar strategy to promote himself in the 2016 presidential election.

The media has taken note of President Donald Trump's newest Twitter rant from Saturday night. This time they take note of Little Donny Deutsch rant. Trump called Deutsch “a total loser” in a tweet. Later on, Trump said, “I know it it is not at all ‘Presidential’ to hit back at the Corrupt Media."

When will the media learn they keep are providing free PR for Trump's next election?

Trolling is now known as deliberately and cleverly getting an emotional reaction from the opposition. The term "Trolling" is a new phrase that has become mainstream in the last 10 years.

Trolling is something that Donald Trump does well, his number one previous target has being CNN. Trump has publicly criticized and tweeted about his dissatisfaction for the news station. CNN is a news source that in many eyes has lost a legitimate portion of reputation due to the inability to filter Trump's criticism. In the public eye CNN has failed monstrously to deliver quality reporting and now some compare it to the Jerry Springer Show.

This ability to troll the opposition makes Trump unique and ahead of his time. In the past Trump has went on tirades against the NFL, telling the American people if they don't like it stop watching.

Organizations need to be careful to tangle with the president, his latest acts have only damaged his critics and began to prove the medias bias for the Trump campaign.

An elected official in Rhode Island recently became the target of a pornography scandal. Ramon Perez, an elected member of the Rhode Island’s House of Representatives, delivered screenshots to his colleagues containing pornographic related material during a testimony last week. Huffington Post reported that one portion of the content contained the word “young”, and that the screenshot appeared to show a search for “teen” pornographic material.

While the image distributed to the chamber by Perez wasn’t pornography itself, it displayed internet tabs open to multiple websites that are assumed to be pornography. The tabs included“Teen [redacted]”, “Milf Blon..”, “Young Cut..”, “Brunette J..”, “Submitted..”, Candy PO..”, “www.acaa..” and finally “Puerto..”.

We can speculate about the material of the websites, but we know the screenshot was a Wikipedia link with information on Puerto Rico. Ramon Perez stated that, “A friend sent me that picture with the information I was looking for”. He declined to name the friend. He later apologized and claimed responsibility for the material. Will the public believe that he was ‘just holding it for a friend’?