What is user sentiment telling us about the presidential race?

With the 2020 election fast approaching, and voters in many states are already starting to vote. The polls are all showing Biden has the lead. Mainstream media polls all clearly show Biden in control. 

What is user sentiment telling us about the presidential race? Online user sentiment is telling a different story.

54.7% of users are pro Trump.
45.3% of users are pro Biden.

The 2016 election polls were misleading in comparison to reality. Will the 2020 polls be the same?

If polls do not give us accurate sentiment, where can we gauge opinion? Let's see if our user sentiment program can predict American user sentiment.

As if 9-29-20 the ARO is saying Trump is the leading candidate. Let's see what happens.

The ARO / HPC Beach User Sentiment crawl program. We found 709,541,185 user posts, videos, comments, and tweets to determine online user sentiment on this topic.

Below are the results:

Do Americans think Edward Snowden should be pardoned?

In 2013 Snowden acted as a whistleblower and leaked highly classified information from the NSA in 2013 when he was a Central Intelligence Agency employee. This leaked information was very revealing on how rights were being violated.

Recently, Donald Trump has not ruled out a pardon for Edward Snowden. Currently, Snowden is exiled in Russia.

Using the ARO / HPC Beach User Sentiment crawl program. We found 376,558 user posts, videos, and tweets to determine online user sentiment on this topic.
Below are the results:


ARO took a short phone opinion poll from voters in 5 of America's largest cities and concluded that African American voters believed Joe Biden was more racist than Donald Trump. The poll consisted of a majority of African American individuals from African American dominant areas. The polling cities included New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, and Phoenix. 


The video of his comments can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UzxpjIGOp_w


Additionally, the pool of voters agreed the comments were "condescending". 


 Here is the American sentiment on this topic:

Fans' booing at NFL opener

Americans are Sick of the Drama

The sports world has finally opened up so fans can see events live. Yesterday the MLS and the NFL allowed live audiences. At the live events, the spectacle or sideshow called the "National Anthem: did not disappoint.

After months of cramming the media interpretation of "social justice," the American people finally get the opportunity for free speech. The American people, not overpaid athletes who pander to the media, but the American people finally get a platform.

The message was an overwhelming "BOOOOOOOO, BOOOOO, BOOOOOO, BOOOOO." The American people have had enough social justice.

Don't get the "Boo" confused with "racism" like the media will try to spin. This message is purely sports fans saying, "enough is enough."


Here is what the American people are saying on social platforms:


It is no longer news that the baton of the United States leadership will be changed in no distant time and several distinguished candidates scrambling for momentum have been lined up to topple the incumbent Donald Trump in the 2020 Election. Prominent among the individuals that have thrown their hats in the ring include senators and other members of Congress as well as a high number of women. Thus, the question is: which of the Democrats will take on Donald Trump in 2020?

My choice of Democrat candidates nomination will be from a strategic perspective as well as results from several online polls. My top choices, among the over 20 contestants, are Former Vice President and Delaware Senator Joe Biden and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. They, undoubtedly, have an unparalleled level of widespread recognition in the field of politics, having contributed to the course of American citizens in one form or the other.

Despite Biden’s unsteadiness, he seems to have succeeded in wooing Americans as he has hinged his campaign on “a reboot from the Trump catastrophe.” He also boasts of incomparable foreign policy credentials. However, many critics believe his role in Anita Hill – Clarence Thomas sexual harassment case may make him struggle to win the ticket. Despite this, he still controls a fair percentage of Democratic primary voters and even African American voters, thereby giving him a sizable lead.

Bernie Sanders, on the other hand, has gained momentum in the hearts of American progressives through his peerless grassroots fundraising apparatus. He was instrumental to the $15 minimum wage and tuition-free college mainstreaming. His candidature is, of course, a threat to Biden’s as he continues to get a foothold of Iowa and New Hampshire. His challenge of Hillary Clinton in 2016 proved his strong predisposition towards his nomination. However, the interest of his former ally Elizabeth Warren threatens his emergence.

Verdict: Joe Biden