Does America believe USA Today is a reliable, unbiased news source?

In today's "fake news era" it's difficult to determine what news sources are biased. Today's focus is on USA Today. USA Today covers national and world news with a focus on entertainment, pop culture, and celebrity gossip news.

So when you read a story on USA Today, the question is, how bias is the article?

The ARO ran its bots to analyze user comments, posts, videos, and other online expressions. This information is used to gather actual online user sentiment from social media applications. This user sentiment helps our program determine if Americans still think we should all stay home.

Why does Queen Elizabeth never drink wine?


Yesterday, Queen Elizabeth visited the British National Agricultural Institute, where during the conversation she admitted that she never drinks wine. Even the most expensive.

It was about the growing popularity of wine in the UK. Elizabeth II noted that she had "her own wines at Windsor." But then she added. "In fact, I do not drink wine, but I heard that it is very good."

From time to time Her Majesty can be seen with a glass of champagne, so I dare to suggest that she prefers sparkling. Or does not drink wine at all, just holding a glass in his hand.

Queen Elizabeth

But all is not lost for those who want to drink with the queen. Elizabeth II loves gin. A former court chef once said that her “favorite drinks” are gin and French aperitif “Dubonnet”.

And he debunked the rumors that Queen Elizabeth drinks four cocktails a day. “Otherwise she would have been constantly drunk,” he says.

In general, if one day the queen invites you to visit, know that wine is better not to offer. It is best to agree to drink tea, like a real Englishwoman.

Summer city guide from Asia M.


Do you often ask questions: Where to rest? Where to go with friends? Where to have lunch? The blogger, model and Instagram browser Usiya M. know the answer. She told Harper's BAZAAR Kazakhstan how she spends the summer in Almaty and Nur-Sultan.

I rate the new place by four points. If the institution is good, then there is
1) interesting situation
2) beautiful interior
3) good music
4) in the end, the food should be delicious.
Let's start with the Nur-Sultan.
I lived in the capital for a long time and I already had my favorite places. I often walk along the promenade, by the way, here is sold very tasty ice cream, so do not pass by. Certainly, I like “Keren”, and everyone who lives or lived in Nur-Sultan will understand me. After all, “Keren” is a meeting place. There is also a well-known Marrone Rosso coffee house - the best place for breakfast with my favorite “Ice Shoko”. If I wanted to update my wardrobe, I'm going to Mega Silk Way. This mall is loved by a variety of boutiques. In addition, the famous EXPO area is nearby.

In the evening, it’s so cool to rent bikes with friends and ride around the left bank before dark! Or just walk along the water-green boulevard to the singing fountains and back to the new theater. When all establishments are already closed, we call at McDonald's - a small island of snack for midnight youth works around the clock. If you need dancing and good music, you are at the Corner'57 or Boulevardier bar, we also often go there. But my favorite activity in Nur-Sultan is to ride through the city at night with your favorite music, enjoy its lights. The night capital is beautiful, I don’t know a single person who would not be impressed by its bright architectural and artistic lighting.


In the foothills of the Trans-Ili Alatau in the city in which I was born. The first thing I’ll share with you is, of course, going to the mountains: Forest Tale, Tau Turgen, BAO, Shymbulak, Medeu. We have something to be proud of!

I like that every corner of Almaty combines past, present, and future. History coexists with modern new buildings. The same street Panfilova, which certainly does not feel lonely. I love the park on Dzhambul and Nedelka streets very much. Particular trepidation causes GATOB area. There are also all the cafes where I like to be with my family and friends. This is Del Papa, Billboard, Broadway Burger, Coffedelia. In Almaty, I like to attend performances of modern theaters, exhibitions, concerts and going to the cinema. My choice always falls on CINEMAX at Dostyk Plaza. 

Of course, you can talk for a long time about my favorite places and places of interest in Almaty and Nur-Sultan, but it’s better to see and see for yourself. Perhaps they will become your favorite places to visit!

Heidi Klum and Tom Kaulitz secretly played the wedding


Heidi Klum and Tom Kaulitz announced their engagement in December 2018. And while the fans were waiting for the wedding, it turned out that the couple had already held the marriage ceremony in February. 

The first rumors about the novel appeared in March 2018. Heidi Klum and Tom Kaulitz were released as a couple only in May in Cannes. At the Ellen DeGeneres show, the model admitted that she met her lover at a friend's party: “It was so exciting that I couldn’t even look at him. It happens when you like someone a lot. ” 

On the eve of Christmas, the guitarist made a marriage proposal. Two months after the engagement, the lovers held a private ceremony and received a marriage certificate in California. The newly minted husband and wife have not yet announced the joyful news in public. 

For the top model is not the first wedding. Earlier, Heidi was already married to hairstylist Rick Pipino and musician Silom. In the second marriage were born three children: Henry, Johan, and Lou. Also, the star has a daughter Helena from the novel with Flavio Briatore. 

The constant questions about the 17-year difference in age Klum respond calmly. “I do not think about it. You just have to enjoy a happy life and not care about the opinions of others. Excessive stress only adds to wrinkles, ”Heidi replied.


For those who are lucky: the horoscope for this week


Do not miss your chance to change jobs. The new place will have to work hard, but the result will be worth it! Scoop forces in good deeds: helping others will be an excellent energy feed.


In order not to remain at the broken trough, Taurus should show wonders of self-control. The horoscope warns: do not risk money this week.


You will be controlled by emotions, and not sweeping away everything in your path, but, on the contrary, pacifying and harmonizing. As a result, you can find a long-awaited balance in your personal life.


Spend important negotiations from July 15 to July 17 - a favorable outcome is guaranteed. And in the second half of the week, adopt the motto “Don't chat!”: The careless word threatens to destroy both business and romantic relationships.

a lion

It's time to remember that the Lions belong to the feline family. Use natural grace, cunning, and flexibility both in the office and beyond - to win the trust of colleagues and win the heart of a beautiful stranger is not difficult!


Work is not a wolf, but friends and relatives can run away without your attention. Devote this week to your dear people and yourself.


Do not be afraid to persevere in business and the result will not take long. Until July 21, you will enter into the desired contract and receive a generous bonus.


Enough offense to the injustice of fate - it's time to act! Take advantage of the moment and talk with the boss about the increase in salary, which you have long deserved.


You will desperately fight with the enemies, and after the 18th you will realize that you fought windmills. Realizing this, try to turn destructive energy into creative: update the interior or sign up for cooking classes.


It's time to forget the way to the pastry shop and re-pave the way to the fitness club. A healthy lifestyle will help conquer stress.


Feel free to make risky decisions - a warlike Mars will protect from trouble. This period is favorable for traveling or moving to a new apartment.


Deciding who is to blame and what to do is your task. Whatever conclusion you come to, be honest with yourself and others.