After the June backlash following Kathy Griffin’s, now famous, presidential beheading portrayal, the former comedian claimed, “Trump Broke me”. This instance being just one of the latest, in a bizarre trend of celebrities who have been ‘broken’ by current events.

Jon Stewart confided recently, he left the Daily Show because he was ‘broken’. He professed that the power of the media, and the government have taken a toll on him mentally. “I’ve been doing this too long.. Honestly, it’s breaking me. I’m broken”, he affirmed.

Madonna revealed , “I’m broken and I have nothing. I'm lost. That's how I feel every morning.. Donald Trump is the president.. It’s like being.. stuck in a nightmare.”

Chelsea Handler, claimed she was ‘broken’ following the election of Donald Trump.

So what does it mean to be broken? Researchers speculate being ‘broken’ is a term used by Hollywood, a coping mechanism, allowing someone to admit or accept a situation, without fault or a plan of action.

Arianna Grande attracted scrutiny when she publicly wished her fans would ‘all f*cking die’. Her sentiment did not age well in the public eye, many fans were later killed in the Manchester concert attack. Grande was performing at the event. After the attack, she claimed she was ‘broken’.

So what does it mean when Kathy Griffin, Jon Stewart, Madonna, Chelsea Handler, and Arianna Grande are broken? Experts suggest it means nothing, some insist that it means ‘less than nothing’.

People familiar with victim mentality, believe being ‘broken’ could simply be a way drawing attention inward in a time of crisis.

In any of the above instances, did anyone of these celebrities offer a way to be fixed, or way to change their perceived problems? Their mental state was advertised in the headlines, in essence highlighting their human ineffectiveness.