How early is too early for political stances and social agendas? 

In the last month, we have seen a major shift in political agendas being pushed in front of minor eyes. (children under 18) For example, Nickelodeon has flashed a screen in front of the youth, EA Sports has designed a pop-up page.

The question is, should these agendas be pushed at an early age?

Studies have show children do not see ethnicity or color until made aware by peers or adults. Should television or games be contaminating an innocent view of people?

This became all too real when my child was playing a video game and asked me, "what black lives matter was?" Until this point in my child's life, he did not realize race was problematic for individuals in society. He grew up thinking everyone was the same, and different color just made someone special.

This situation may be unique to my child and I, or it may be something that many other parents are dealing with. I think to keep an innocent view on race and skin color may be the ticket to a world with no racial issues.

So the question we may wont to ponder is how early is "what is too early to make children aware of racial issues and political stances".

Here is the American sentiment on this subject: