Government is testing limits. 

Forget the reasons for "Stay at home," "Shelter in place," "Travel restrictions," "Quarantines," and "Curfew" orders. The last three months have provided a record-breaking number of restrictions on the American people.

These restrictions, for some, may seem like good policies to provide safety measures. But, what happens when the reasons behind restrictions are not as legitimate? Are Americans questioning the reasoning for the procedures? And if the reasons are not beneficial or provide safety, what can we do about it?

We are not here to argue the reasons for restrictions. We are here to point out the dangers of letting our government roll out restrictions at this pace. These restrictions do not need a vote by the people. They happen so quickly the American people don't have time to ask questions.

This week states issued curfews to combat the rioting and looting resulting from the George Floyd murder by police. These curfews are set by politicians and not by working American people. As Americans, we need to raise questions about what will be best for the American people.

Many of these quick policies are implemented by people who are not impacted by the rules. They are individuals who do not work in factories, do not worry about monthly bills, and do not live in the neighborhoods that are impacted.

What can we do? Its time to brainstorm. Americans need to pay attention. We need to keep an eye on what is happening and who is doing it. We need to ask why and make sure there is a good reason. Every little thing that happens will one day push the pendulum.

 Here is the American sentiment on this topic: