Many people can enjoy wonderful homes in amazing places with Airbnb. Airbnb is a unique experience for both the host and the traveler. However, we found a loophole in the system.

I have been a long time advocate for Airbnb and recommended the company. I also have recommended people take before and after photos of the rentals to make sure everything is documented. All of this changed when I was contacted by a small group of individuals who explained how there is a flaw in the system.

On occasion, individuals have received negative reviews from hoasts about their stays. These negative reviews from hosts mistaking a users stay as someone else or the host may have had some actual harmful intent.

These reviews actually hurt an Airbnb traveler because they tell other hosts that the traveler is a bad renter. This system works great when a renter is actually a bad renter. This will protect a host from renting to someone who could possibly do damage or steal from a host. However, when a good renter is given a mistaken review, we found out there is actually nothing that can be done. The user must keep the negative review.

We were contacted about this situation from a user who had before and after photos of there stay. The user actually followed the instructions 100%. This was all documented in photos.

After this user received a mistaken review from an Airbnb host, the user reached out to Airbnb. After trying to contact the host and Airbnb, the company said there was nothing that can be done. (see below photo)


Airbnb is a wonderful way to vacation. Unfortunately, some users have had issues with flaws in the review system.

As of now, Airbnb does not have a remedy or investigation protocol to be more proficient with this loophole. Many who have had this experience have become weary of short term rentals or tried VRBO. 

Below is the user online sentiment on the topic: