Many Americans are college grads with a ton of student debt and a minimum wage job. Young Americans are beginning to ask why and how they allowed themselves to accrue tens and sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt. This is all before they begin to earn a single dollar.

The truth might be college has become a "social club" anyone with money can attend the majority of colleges or universities. With high acceptance rates and inclusion for anyone with the money available. This is all with the help of government-backed student loans and the "Everyone can go to College" initiative. The question, if everyone can get into college, is a degree worth anything?

It starts to seem like this is an era where a college degree is no stronger than a high school degree. In the 1970s tuition and fees at private colleges were around $10,000 post 2010 students are paying well over $35,000 at state colleges. If you are willing to take on heavy debt, are you really any smarter after a college education?

It seems like the only college students succeeding after graduation, are graduates from Ivy league schools where acceptance rates are 8% or lower. Americans who do not graduate from an Ivey league school can barely keep up with the interest on college loans. Are these young Americans victims of generational betrayal? College worked for baby boomers who paid low tuition and were accepted to schools with low acceptance rates.