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Is Social Media Addictive?

Social Media is the drug of choice these days for many Americans. Just like other drugs, it comes with its share of negative side effects.

New Findings In Selfie Research


A new study from Penn State University suggests that the selfie has been linked to conditions of lowered self-esteem. Findings indicate that people viewing selfies consistently through social media, may find a declining in their overall sense of self worth.

On the flip side, people who post selfies frequently, do so with the intent of appearing to have a ‘much better’ time than they are actually having. Posting selfies led to maintaining, or small spikes in self-esteem.

A Balancing Act

Some believe that you should be tracking the selfies you view, so you can counter balance the ratio by posting more selfies. People with knowledge of the situation believe this tactic could be counterproductive, as it saturates social media with selfies.

Experts have pushed back on the idea of circulating more selfies on internet. Instead, experts believe some people need to simply ‘grow up’ and become ‘an adult’.

 Here is what American thinks about this issue: