Juror Leaks In Cosby Case

One deliberator in the Bill Cosby court case leaked that coming to a verdict was completely ‘hopeless’ from the beginning, as reported by NBC news. The juror who leaked the information remained anonymous.

The unidentified juror stated in an audio recording on WPXI-TV that, “My personal feeling is whatever the man (Cosby) did, he has already paid his price.. paid, suffered.” The Juror went on to leak more information, claiming ten voted for conviction, while just two voted against conviction(NBC News).

Cosby Giving Sexual Abuse Prevention Speech


Cosby took to the offensive when his spokesman, Andrew Wyatt, announced his client’s intentions to travel the country, educating youth about the dangers sexual assault.

From To Court Trial To The Campaign Trail

TMZ recently reported, “The comedian is planning a series of town halls this summer to educate young people about sexual assault.. More specifically, they say he’s planning on teaching them how to look out for warning signs from potential victims and handle accusations that could follow.”

Plenty Of Prior Experience

Racking up 50 sexual assault allegations over the years, Cosby knows a few things about handling accusations. This leaves many wondering, is this appropriate? Perhaps one day, but Cosby is theoretically still in the legal process. The only comparable event in recent history would be the O.J. Simpson ‘If I did it’ book release.

Bill Cosby Is ‘Done’, But Is He ‘Finished’?


Furthermore, this case continues to parallel the Simpson case in various other ways. Cosby infused a racial element that looms over this case, this tactic has been eerily similar to that of O.J. The prosecution has also fumbled various aspects of the case. Since the inception of the trial, the American Review has been very insistent that Cosby’s full acquittal is imminent.