Cosby Following The Playbook

In an American Review article released on June 9th, Bill Cosby was said to have a possible route to acquittal. This route centered on a key defense tactic used in many successful, previous sexual assault cases. The two-fold ‘Shield and Attack’ strategy was proposed to give Cosby cover from the press, whether intentional or inadvertently, and attack the credibility of the allegations.


In other cases when the defendant was found guilty, it was found to be due to a lack of attack. Possibly learning from the mistakes of Sandusky, and former sexual assault cases resulting in a conviction, Cosby went on the attack. According to the NY Times, he is now doubling down, and launching a campaign-style town hall talk about sexual abuse prevention. The speech is scheduled prior to his next court date. His spokesman was recently quoted saying, “Mr. Cosby wants to get back to work.” He intends to seek college students, athletes, and young people who party as his target audience.(Per NY TImes)

Political Strategy

It was also reported in the June 13th article, Cosby was mulling a ‘politically infused’ defense strategy. It seems the strategy is quite literal, Cosby is campaigning for his innocence. On his side so far is a mistrial, two members of the jury refused to reach a verdict in the case, per NY Times. Also, Cosby will have a much better chance of a repeal given the mistrial. Cosby will soon appear again in court on charges of sexual assault.

At the time of writing the original report, many didn’t think Cosby would see the day of light. Now he has a platform, and is determined to prove the American Review that he is not ‘Done’, nor will he ever be ‘Finished’.

Here is the sentiment of the American people on this topic: