Coronavirus has thrashed the world's economic structure. Citizens of the world have been forced to stay home and wait out the disaster. Frustration has continued to mount for a large population of the world. Fortunately, the world may be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. It is speculated that the pandemics momentum may be on the downside of the peak.

Coronavirus death seems to be slowing down. In the state of New York governor, Andrew Cuomo said the coronavirus crisis in New York could be "past the plateau" and the state has recorded the lowest death rate since April 1st. Another indicator outside of deaths and confirmed cases is an economic rebound. Is the stock market telling up the peak is behind us?

The Dow has jumped from a March 23rd 18,500 to an April 17th, 24,200 points. Could this positive trend mean that we are more than half way? If the country can continue to positively social distance and slow the spread, could we see more businesses open back up?