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6 Best Curtain Tiebacks for Window Treatment Holdback

Curtains play an inevitable role in home improvement practices. Well, you have just arrived at your solution center regarding the best window treatment holdbacks. You may be having the trendiest curtains, but you don’t have the right holdbacks. Let's recommend you 6 best curtain holdbacks.(products listed in random)


1 - AmazonBasics Decorative Curtain Holdback

This is traditional and classic curtain hook which is the best seller on amazon. You need to use screws to fix it on the wall. It can help you to hold your curtain firmly. Although this curtain buckle is very durable, installing it requires punching holes in the wall, and if you are not careful when pull the curtain, it may tear the curtain.


2 - Home Queen Hand Braided Curtain Tie Back

It is a handed braided curtain tiebacks just like twist braid. It is so beautiful. A flexible rope like material in beige and silver.  I think it must be a dexterous person to weave. It needs a screw hook to fix the tieback. And be careful, maybe it would be broken with using some more force.


3 - Valea Home Window Curtain Tiebacks

I like the conical buckles. You can twist into any shape as your like, decorative curtain tiebacks add some fun to your simple and ordinary life. No need to attach to the wall, no tools required and zero assembly, add elegance to your room, create a different style.

The only regret is, After using for a few times, the tiebacks would gradually slip down and not grap the curtains firmly again. The tiebacks do not really grip the way they should. They might work better on heavier weight curtains.


4 - DEZENE Curtain Tiebacks

These magnetic tiebacks offers a contemporary solution for holding drapes and curtains without the need for tools or drilling holes into trim or walls. It is very easy to use: Hold your curtain back in seconds. Well, you, therefore, need to check the strength of the magnets used (Someone said it will fall off sometimes). The other important aspect here is versatility.

There are some customer reflected that: the “magnetic ball” ends are wrapped in string - will fall apart and be useless - if you rub the string repeatedly.


5 - D-FantiX Christmas Curtain Tieback

What a lovely Santa Snowman Curtain Tiebacks. The Curtain Buckle are 3D designed with classical Christmas elements of Snowman and Santa Claus cartoon dolls, a cute christmas window decoration or wine bottle holiday decoration. It is a top choice to dress up your curtain in daily using or christmas holiday. Though it's a bit expensive for such little curtain buckles.

Be noted that it only suit for thin curtains, there maybe not enough of a velcro strip for thick curtains.


6 - Sturdy Life Magnetic Curtain Tiebacks